Business Thrives on Relationship

The core of any business is 'relationship', its not about the number, its about


Relationship Thrives on Communication

Relationships are enhanced by the consistency in communication.Let the world know in as many ways that You are in business.


Communication Thrives on
Data Management

Consistent data management is the best way to strengthen your


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Hi i am Vrinda, i am in the business of IT solutions, YCEEYA is catching up concept which can help all the business people to network on the basis of good relationship and uniqueness of being part of YCEEYA COMMUNITY is cosiness it offers in building business both online and offline. Thank you YCEEYA. i would be happy to recommend all the business owners to be a part of it.

YCEEYA Network, a one stop solution for business owners!

Introducing YCEEYA, a business Eco-system DEDICATED TO BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS worldwide.

Many times you meet a prospect but get distracted. Business development is all about prompt follow up. YCEEYA’s core focus is to build business relationships. Good business relation management needs tools for consistent communication management. Data, such as follow-ups, meetings, appointments, emails, referrals and contacts are all part of business communication. YCEEYA provides the tools that are much needed to manage your communication data and help you focus on your prospects and clients. So at YCEEYA the focus is on what happens after you make the first contact, how well your follow- ups are managed, how well you are tracking your prospects needs. With YCEEYA’s online business communication tools all your business data is in one place so your focus on your client is never lost.

Business owners and entrepreneurs like you need a business Eco-System. A well defined BUSINESS ECO-SYSTEM that can organically grow our business and help you focus on making profits. YCEEYA is an ONLINE Eco-System designed to help you grow your business. AT YCEEYA we Believe Business has its own science, BUSINESS SCIENCE! The more you understand business science the better you grow and succeed in business.

YCEEYA business referral program

We all feel comfortable when a product or services is recommended by someone we trust. In business terms it’s called referrals. Referrals do not involve direct selling instead a person who knows you and your business refers you to a prospect. Referral sales are time tested approach for growing your business. The more people know you & about your business the more business referrals you get. At YCEEYA, the focus is to get you connected with as many business owners in real time, resulting in remarkably high quality referrals. YCEEYA creates the opportunity and the business Eco-System to know those influential people within your market.

YCEEYA Business Networking

Business networking simply refers to building and cultivating relationships with people in ways that is mutually beneficial. YCEEYA Network takes business networking to a whole new level. (1) Its exclusive for business owners (2) its Online business media and Offline networking (3) its Consistent (4) it’s technology aided (5) it’s a global. BY sharing 155 hrs in a year with YCEEYA you can understand & learn the business science. So come join this exclusive business Eco-System and learn how to start and grow your business YCEEYA provides you a genuine way to expand your business knowledge, gain experience, and organically find new clients to build a sustainable business. With YCEEYA’s consistent business networking you can Generate referrals, Identify opportunities and most importantly grow your contacts.

Benefits of being an YCEEYA!

When you think of starting a business or growing your business you tend to focus on best business names, best offices space/location or furnishing. Instead, the focus should be on your market, on how to acquire clients and on business sustainability.

Being a member of YCEEYA you stand to gain a lot

  • YCEEYA helps you get organized
  • YCEEYA gets you connected with real people online and offline.
  • YCEEYA can help you reach out to new prospects and clients.
  • YCEEYA provides you the tools necessary to manage your business development and communication process.
  • YCEEYA helps you in getting referrals and posting referrals.
  • YCEEYA helps you find new business opportunities.
  • YCEEYA helps you in finding business partners, associates and vendors.
  • YCEEYA can help you share knowledge and find shared resources.
  • YCEEYA can reduce your overall cost and help you focus on your ROI
  • YCEEYA has unlimited possibilities to promote & grow your business.


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